Shelton Salon - Hair Cut and Highlight Disaster

Not resolved

I had my hair cut and highlighted, paid, made an appointment to have my hair styled the following week the day of my son's wedding as I am right handed, just had right elbow surgery, in a cast, and can't fix my own hair.The day before the wedding I received a phone call from the manager at Shelton's Salon and told they had made a mistake from the previous week appointment, owed $75.00 more, and couldn't have my hair done the next day for the wedding unless I paid the extra $75.00.

The manager could not explain the additional cost and why they didn't charge the correct amount before. I had 24 hours to find another place to have my hair done or pay the $75.00 ( I have been a customer for over 3 years at Shelton's!).

Well, I paid the $75.00 dollars (*** me!) and the next day they had cancelled my appointment.This is VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

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